GradsLikeMe Introduces New Chief Relationship Officer, Natasha Raey
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 by GradsLikeMe


The GradsLikeMe team is growing and reaching new heights we never knew were possible! We’re so excited to introduce our new Chief Relationship Officer, Natasha Raey.  A serial entrepreneur and kick-ass female, we sat down with Natasha to learn more about her.

What do you think people should know about GradsLikeMe?

GradsLikeMe is the place for university students to start their personal branding journey, and for businesses of any size to connect with their future employees.  With hundreds of employers already signed up, I’m very happy to be joining this company as their new Chief Relationship Officer.  

I believe that no matter where your path may lead you, be it a full-time job, or working as a freelancer, having the ability to brand yourself and connect with businesses and startups is the recipe to success for new graduates.  It can be difficult sometimes to know where to go and who to connect with once you leave the university world.  GradsLikeMe makes that connection easier for students and new grads.  It provides a place for them to connect with employers in a way that showcases who they are – beyond just a resume.

What do you believe is one of the biggest struggles that new grads are facing?

With an undergraduate honors degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (SFU), and a Masters in Health Administration (UBC), it’s no secret that I understand the value of post-secondary education.  It opens your mind, and it teaches you to be critical about what you learn, however, it also teaches you that you’re surrounded by literally thousands of other students who look the exact same as you do on paper.   And that is a huge issue.  How do new grads show their distinguishing features beyond job applications and resumes?  When you leave university, you often don’t have rich career experiences, but you do have spectacular projects and papers that you completed for your courses.  And you probably have some volunteer experience and extra-curricular involvement … but often times, those pieces are hard to illustrate with a traditional resume.  But GradsLikeMe changes that, and makes it easier for students and new grads to showcase their accomplishments and personal experiences through online profiles and digital portfolios.   It’s completely re-defining the career search landscape for young job seekers.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Well, I split my time between Vancouver and Toronto, so I’ll have to go with Italian Kitchen in Vancouver, and Milk Bar in Toronto.  Milk Bar is pretty much just a walk in fridge where you pick your own cookies.  I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

What is the most important thing you learned during your years as a university student?

I learned about the value of networks.  The value of volunteering, the value of gaining real work experience, and the value of distinguishing yourself from your peers.  Personal branding is the most important thing you can do to set yourself apart as you leave the warm embrace of university, and enter the less coddling working world.  Personal branding is what makes you unique.  And thanks to the world of social media, personal branding has become a real commodity, and something that you can have real control over.  You can essentially control your message and the perception that the world gets when they Google you.  And overall, you can show future employers how job-worthy you are and your long-term potential.

What do you do with your free time?

Free time?  What is this you speak of?  Just kidding!  Even thought my schedule is pretty packed, I still make time for the fun stuff.  Reformer pilates a few times a week, brunches, shopping, cooking and reading … which I mainly reserve for my bi-monthly flights to Toronto … if there isn’t any wifi.  

Why is your role as Chief Relationship Officer so integral to GradsLikeMe?

When we’re talking about careers and life after graduation, personal branding needs to be so much more than your Facebook page and Twitter account.  And that’s exactly why I’ve come on board as the Chief Relationship Officer at GradsLikeMe.  Unlike other social media platforms, the GradsLikeMe space allows students and graduates to create a personal and private profile that highlights their academic, extracurricular and personal achievements to hundreds of employers.  More than just a job board, GradsLikeMe creates a direct line of sight between employers and future employees.  From video intros to online portfolios, students and grads can easily communicate their personalities and demonstrate their learning experiences to potential employers that a traditional resume can never do.  It also ensures both privacy and exclusivity for students and new grads as they introduce themselves to the career world.

What are your immediate next steps for GradsLikeMe?

In my role, I’m going to be pulling together students, employers, mentors and other stakeholders into the GradsLikeMe fold to help make our marketplace the best place for grads and employers in Canada to connect.  I’ll also be starting a series of live web conversations with some of the top employers, students and rising stars across Canada.

I’d love to hear from students, grads and employers to see how we can make GradsLikeMe as awesome as possible! Drop me a line at Natasha(at)