GradsLikeMe helps your students and grads take their careers to the next level

GradsLikeMe Portfolios
An all-in-one solution to prepare your students for better career success

  • Digital Portfolios

    A place for students to document and showcase their various experiences – inside and outside of school.

  • Career Preparation

    Get students thinking about the school to work transition early on in their academic careers.

  • Self Reflection

    Help students reflect on what they’re learning and how it aligns with their career goals.

  • Enhance Learning

    Deepen your students’ learning experience by allowing them to share their knowledge and skills through portfolios.

  • Community

    Build a supportive environment where students, educators, and employers can collaborate and connect.

  • Secure

    A private and secure place for students and job seekers to store their portfolios and manage their job search.

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