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A New Look for Students and Grads
It’s all about making a great first impression.
Use your GradsLikeMe portfolio and professional resume to land your dream job!


Show the World What You Can Do
Your resume doesn’t tell your full story.
Use your GradsLikeMe portfolio to display your passions, projects, achievements and more!

  • Projects & Labs

    Showcase your dedication, hard work, and major accomplishments.

  • Research Papers

    Demonstrate your superb writing and critical thinking skills.

  • Work Samples

    Showcase what you’ve learned from your past work experiences.

  • Presentations

    Demonstrate your public speaking and communication skills.

  • Achievements

    Present your top personal and academic accolades you’ve received to date.

  • Personal Interests

    Show what makes you unique by sharing your passions and hobbies.

  • Extra-Curricular

    Demonstrate your leadership skills and community involvement.

  • Video Intro

    Showcase your personality and present the real you with a short video intro.


"Why blend in when
you were born to stand out?"

Why GradsLikeMe?
We’re more than a job board. We’re an all-inclusive platform.

  • Resume Builder

    Create a digital profile in minutes with our custom resume builder.

  • Portfolio Hosting

    Add images, videos, documents, and presentations to your profile.

  • Exclusive

    GradsLikeMe is exclusive to university and college students and alumni.

  • Private

    Your portfolio is only visible to employers and recruiters on our network.

  • Notifications

    Receive real-time updates when an employer posts a job or an event.

  • Job Manager

    Stay on top of jobs you’ve applied for and are interested in.

  • Social Media

    Link your blog, personal website, and other social media accounts.

  • Vanity URL

    Get more visibility with a personal URL to make your profile public.


What people are saying...
GradsLikeMe is an invaluable tool for all students, recent grads, and young professionals. It flawlessly streamlines the job-seeking and recruitment process, by allowing you to present a variety of aspects of your personal and professional life to top employers, seeking well-rounded individuals.

Samantha Cheng, UBC
“GradsLikeMe is what campus recruiters have been waiting for! With its sleek and intuitive design, recruiters can promote their brand and connect with top talent with ease. The platform makes connecting with students and alumni across multiple universities a breeze -- it's a must have!”

Gabrielle Garon, HR Professional
"GradsLikeMe provides more insight and reflection than a traditional one-page resume. It's a modern and easy-to-use site that every student and grad should use. If you're looking for a professional branding tool to set yourself apart as a student or recent grad, there is nothing better."

Lilani van Niekerk, BCIT
"GradsLikeMe provides recruiters and employers an easy and quick way to find fresh new talent. Their portfolio system gives me a better idea of a candidate compared to a resume, and I really like their built-in tools to track and manage applicants. I recommend GradsLikeMe to anyone looking to hire students or recent grads."

Paul Gill, CEO of Lomiko Metals
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